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RE-Labs: Ensuring the reliability of consumer, industrial and military electrontrics by providing a dedicated radiation test facility and services to the electronics industry.

Electronics malfunctions due to radiation effects are increasingly common in ground-level and airborne systems.

The effects of radiation particles on integrated circuits—generally referred to as single event effects (SEEs)—can cause both temporary and permanent errors in integrated circuits (IC). The effects of particle radiation—in particular, atmospheric neutrons—can induce a range of faults in modern electronics, ranging from so-called soft errors, which manifest as corrupted memory, to hard errors, which can permanently impair the functionality of an integrated circuit. While the effects of neutron radiation in electronics have been recognized for decades, the problem is becoming increasingly important with the decreasing size of electronics. With greater miniaturization comes greater susceptibility to single event effects, and consequently, a greater need to understand IC susceptibility to radiation in critical applications. From medical equipment to automotive electronics to commercial avionics, it is critical for modern device manufacturers to understand susceptibility to radiation-induced single event effects.

We would like to invite you now to contact us to describe your specific needs. As we move toward establishing our laboratory, we would like to know what kind of set up would best suite your testing needs in order for us to establish the most convenient and affordable SEE testing services available.

The RE-Labs Advantage
Multiple devices tested concurrently
Effective batch testing without source re-alignment
Removal of environmental differences
Rapid start/stop, interchange of device, geometry, and shielding
Practically equivalent results to proton and spallation neutron sources
Short lead time, high availability
Low Cost!


September, 2012 - Delays with hardware certification and other administrative matters have pushed the opening of RE-Labs out to early 2013.

July, 2012 - RE-Labs attended the NSREC 2012 conference in Miami Florida.

December, 2011 - The neutron generator has been ordered with delivery and the opening of the lab anticipated for the summer of 2012.

June, 2011 - RE-Labs in negotiation with a Southern Ontario University in establishing it's facilities. A formal anouncement will be made once an agreement is finalized.

June, 2010 - RE-Labs partners with Red Valley Technology Ltd who will expand RE-Labs' offerings via their bespoke test bed hardware and software technology.

May, 2010 - Discussions begin with several local universities regarding the location of RE-Labs.

April, 2010 - www.re-labs.com goes online

March, 2010 - NSD-Fusion GmbH partners with RE-Labs as provider of the neutron generator technology that will drive the SEE testing services.

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